About Us

MontrealMusicScene.com is an independent media source providing a networking vehicle for musicians and artists to help them gain public exposure while informing locals about the Montreal music scene and to unify them through a stronger growing community.

MontrealMusicScene.com aims also at building strong alliances with new and traditional media entities and industry partners to help expand the reach of our community.


MontrealMusicScene.com was founded January 2002 and quickly gained popularity as an internet message forum for musicians and artist to promote their work and live shows. It also has been one of the most popular online meeting places for musicians in search of new band members and a discussion area for music fans to exchange opinions about their favourite artists, albums, or on the music industry itself.

In early 2003, MontrealMusicScene.com expanded its services by offering show reviews. The site quickly experienced a dramatic 500% growth in audience for the year of 2003.

MontrealMusicScene.com also partnered for several years with CINQ FM 102.3 Radio Centre-Ville to bring Montreal the weekly “MMS Radio Show” dedicated to playing music and interviewing artists from our local community.

With over 3000 registered members and over 20,000 unique visitors a month, it remains a growing music community in Montreal.