Bar Le Ritz PDB wins noise complaint trial

Bar Le Ritz PDB was recently plagued with fines related to noise complaints.

Venue co-owner Meyer Billurcu took to social media last week to express his dismay with bureaucrats for being unwilling to delay the venue’s trial in the face of the pandemic.

This afternoon, Billurcu once again posted to social with better news — the prosecutor opted to drop the case.

“We ended up winning in court today! I wish it was due to public pressure or the media coverage our cause got but in the end the prosecution dropped the charges because they felt we were acting in good faith by doing the soundproof renovations and reaching out to our neighbours letting them know what work we had done.”

He goes on, “I’m cautiously optimistic for the future but as more and more condos go up around the Ritz I fear the battle is far from over (as well we are still closed due to the pandemic).”

Bar Le Ritz PDB, located at 179 Jean Talon West, originally opened in 2008 under the banner Il Motore. At the time, the area served primarily as an industrial sector. The area has since fallen victim to gentrification and has seen a drastic increase in the amount of condo developments and luxury dwellings.

Esteban Vargas