WATCH: Arcade Fire debuts new track ‘Generation A’ as part of Colbert’s election special

Arcade Fire performed a new track as part of Stephen Colbert’s Election Night 2020 special on October 3.

Appropriately enough, the song titled “Generation A” included lyrics like, “Say wait until you’re older and you will understand. They say the generation’s coming. I don’t think they understand that I am not a patient man.”

The performance comes not too long after frontman Win Butler made an appearance on Rick Rubin’s Broken Record podcast. There, Butler announced that he had written 2-3 albums worth of Arcade Fire songs since the start of the pandemic.

You can listen to Butler’s interview on the Broken Record podcast below:

The band’s last full-length release was in 2017 when they dropped Everything Now. There is no word yet on when we can expect their next album.

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