Old Montreal venue 2 Pierrots announces imminent closure

Old Montreal venue 2 Pierrots announced that it will be closing permanently in December.

The news broke in the form of a Facebook post by venue operator Marilou Sciascia Ruel.

The post begins by thanking clients — past and present — who braved the elements and construction sites to attend parties and jam nights.
The post also acknowledges employees, security staff, and suppliers that have come and gone through the years.

Lastly, Sciascia-Ruel makes it a point to thank her father, Robert Ruel, for opening the venue and for trusting her to take the reins.

Located at 104 Saint Paul East, 2 Pierrots first opened in 1974 as a “boîte à chansons” — an independent, smaller venue where newer Quebec artists could get an opportunity to have stage time. In a profile from 2018 by the Journal de Montréal, musician Joe Leroux recalls how the venue would host live musicians seven nights a week with line-ups often stretching as far as Saint Laurent boulevard.

2 Pierrots is set to fade into the dark on December 12 after one last live, virtual concert that starts at 7 p.m.

No mention was made as to what led to the decision to close the space although it would be safe to guess that the ongoing pandemic affected the venue’s viability.

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