Official opposition calls for Montreal to be recognized as a gospel music city

Montreal’s official opposition party, Ensemble Montréal, is calling for the city to be recognized as a gospel music hub.

The proposal, which lines up with Black History Month, was spearheaded by city councillor for Saint Michel district, Josué Corvil.

Corvil, a fervent supporter of local Haitian community groups and a gospel music expert would like to see a motion passed similar to ones which declared Montreal to be jazz and metal meccas.

The city councillor points to local talents like Daisy Peterson, Trevor Payne, Carol Bernard, Émile Saint-Hilaire and Géthro Auguste who have had a lasting impact on the city and gospel music.

Ensemble Montréal is expected to present the motion to have Montreal declared a gospel music city at the February 22 council meeting.

Image: Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir

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