Moist releases first new music in over 6 years

Moist has released a new track for the first time in just over 6 years.

Their new track, titled “Tarantino (Bullet Kill Sex Love Thrill)”, was recorded remotely during lockdown and produced by the band’s guitarist, Mark Makoway.

In a statement, the band’s lead singer, David Usher had this to say about the new track: “The first lockdown sent me on a Quentin Tarantino binge and the song came out of a dream sparked by those images where we have lost all sense of ourselves – where there are no limits on our consumption and all we want is more. We deconstruct and reconstruct ourselves to fill an unfillable void and we just eat ourselves alive, and somehow, we still can’t wake up.”

The video that goes along with the new track is produced by David Barlow-Krelina and delves into the areas of sci-fi and body dysmorphia.

Moist last put out new music in 2014 — their fourth studio album titled Glory Under Dangerous Skies.

The band is scheduled to embark on a cross-Canada tour in November alongside The Tea Party, Headstones, and Sloan.

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