Feathership launches new EP, ‘The West Side’

Indie folk-inspired formation Feathership has launched a new EP, The West Side.

Sonically-speaking, the project is a masterfully arranged, full-bodied release with an emphasis on Featherhip’s soul-stirring vocals. This was no accident; the album was arranged by Christian Sean and mixed by Francis Major who have worked alongside Aliocha and Charlotte Cardin respectively.

The image of the sea plays a recurring role throughout the 4-song EP including the album’s cover art, the sound of crashing waves at the end of opening track “Saviour”, and lyrics like those in “High Moon” depicting “primitive nights, where the ocean rumbles and barrels into the sea.”

Feathership’s The West Side is out now and available on most streaming platforms. Find out more about Feathership at Facebook.com/FeathershipMusic.

Montreal Music Scene